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Increasing Demand for High-Speed Broadband Services to Boost Market for DSL and G-Fast Chips

Article Description

DSL, or digital subscriber line and earlier referred to as digital subscriber loop, is one of the first technologies widely adopted around the world to
bring high-speed internet access to both domestic and commercial sectors. Speed was a major issue the technology had to address at the initial stage of its
advent. However, with time and after numerous upgrades, DSL has paved the way for a new technology called G-fast. The leading vendors in the industry
manufacturing these network equipment chips are Broadcom, Triductor Technology, and Sckipio, which is an Israel-based startup.

Recently conducted studies have revealed phenomenal growth prospects for the DSL and G-fast chips market. As per reports, the market for DSL and G-fast chips was valued at
US$939 million and will reach an estimated value of US$4.7 billion by the end of 2020. Businesses nowadays have realized the benefits of capitalizing on
the virtues of the online world. The market for DSL and G-fast is expected to grow exponentially as an increasing number of companies seek to benefit from
promoting their business through smartphone applications and social media. Apart from making high-speed broadband accessible for consumers, DSL and G-fast
technologies also support network flexibility for modern enterprises. In fact, the idea of reaching prospective consumers on the go wouldn’t have been
possible in the absence of these technologies.

High Demand for Online Activities to Propel DSL and G-fast Chips Market

The reasons behind the increasing global demand for high-speed broadband are plentiful. The dawn of video conferencing, real-time online games,
high-definition (HD) TV shows and movies, music streaming, accessing information in a click, and need to stay connected online round-the-clock are a few of
the trends that have contributed to the high demand for DSL and G-fast chips in the global market.

The DSL and G-fast chips market is growing at a rapid pace as both commercial and industrial segments focus on leveraging broadband for promoting their
business objectives. In telecommunication, the term DSL or digital subscriber line is used to imply asymmetric digital subscriber line, which is one of the
most commonly installed DSL technologies. This is a relatively new technology; however, it has been very successful in a short span, due to the high-speed
transmission of video and voice that it offers to residential and commercial units, via the very ordinary copper telephone wire. DSL technology is also
extremely cost-effective, which has significantly aided its penetration in markets where cable TV has failed to make a mark.

Cost Advantages over Contemporary Technologies to Propel DSL Market

Cable modems face fierce competition from DSL and G-fast Chips. FITH is another technology that also makes use of optical fiber from a central point in
individual buildings. The technology is very similar to DSL, which might pose a threat of competition to the latter. Both DSL and FTTH offer HD television
viewing experience to the consumers. However, DSL offer substantial cost advantages over FITH, which gives it a competitive edge in the market.

Some of the leading players of the DSL and G-fast chips market are MediaTek, Lantiq, Analog Devices, Ikanos, and Broadcom.

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