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Dominated by Smart Watches and Fitness Bands, Wearable Computing Devices Market to Register Incessant Growth

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The rising pool of tech-savvy population has greatly contributed to the globally expanding market for wearable computing devices. The evolution of
technology in the last couple of years has resulted in astounding innovations, and wearable computing devices are one such product designed to make our
lives simpler and enhance human-to-computer interaction. These are compact devices that are either strapped to or carried on a user’s body. The avant-garde
design of wearable computing devices ameliorates the virtual world of communication by eliminating the constraints common to bulky computing devices.

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Factors Impacting the Wearable Computing Devices Market:

Growing Popularity of Apple Watch and Google Glass to Boost Market

The global market at present is broken down into three main categories of wearable computing devices, namely smart fitness devices, smart textiles, and
smart accessories. Of these, smart accessories have managed to create ripples around the world, although they haven’t gained mass recognition yet. These
gadgets are mostly perceived as fashion accessories, since not many have realized the multitude of functionalities that these wearable devices can
accomplish. Nevertheless, escalating popularity of devices such as Google Glass and Apple Watch is expected to fuel the global wearable computing devices

Smart Watches Expected to Emerge as Most Demanded Accessory

Smartwatches have been around for a while, but arguably didn’t manage to reach the zenith where they could be identified as a mass consumer product.
However, the industry is expecting smartwatches to soon emerge as one of the most coveted accessories among men and women alike. This indicates robust
growth prospects for fitness watches and fitness bands. These gadgets are designed aesthetically to suit the lifestyle choices of the sophisticated urban
demographic, apart from which they are also user-friendly. Internet facilities in these smartwatches can be easily derived from WiFi, Bluetooth, and other
cellular package data. Such inherent attributes of smartwatches and other wearable medical gear are likely to give an incredible impetus to the market for
wearable computing devices.

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Perception of Smart Gear as Fashion Accessory to Suppress the Market

Despite registering an incessant growth in the last couple of years, the high cost of wearable computing devices makes it suitable only for a small niche
of the population. Moreover, consumers often perceive these devices as fashion accessories with limited features. Such factors are likely to suppress the
wearable computing devices market if not addressed immediately.

Another limitation with regard to the operability of wearable computing devices such as smartwatches is that it can function only in conjunction with other
handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Only a small portion of prospective buyers have comprehensive knowledge about the full functionality of
these devices. Incomplete knowledge about how to use wearable computing devices is a major factor restricting its demand in the global market. For a
company to flourish in the market, it first needs to formulate programs to spread awareness about the myriad uses that these devices have.

Some of the companies that have ventured into the global wearable computing devices market and have established a reasonably strong foothold are Apple
Inc., Samsung Electronics Co Ltd., Nike Inc., Adidas AG, and Fitbit Inc.