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Diisopropanolamine (DIPA) Market – Global Industry Expert Opinions Analysis, Emerging Opportunities, Market Size, Share, Growth Drivers, Market Trends, Statistics And Forecast 2015 – 2020

Report Description

Diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is one of the basic chemicals that is used as an emulsifier, intermediate, neutralizer and stabilizer in many applications for achieving alkalinity, basicity and buffering objectives. The good stabilizing properties of diisopropanolamine (DIPA) for fat and oil, it is widely used for neutralization of sulfonic acid-based surfactants and fatty acids. The major applications of diisopropanolamine (DIPA) include metalworking and personal care products. However, diisopropanolamine (DIPA) also finds applications in coatings, paint strippers, pesticides, photographic intermediates, paper, polyurethane additives, plastics, reaction intermediates, textiles, urethanes and surfactants.

In personal care market, diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is used for pH contributor, neutralization of acidic compounds. Owing to its better surfactant properties, diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is used as an emulsifying agent, clean contributor, wetting agent, viscosity and lubrication. The demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) for personal care application is expected to garner high demand in the near future. The growth for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) used in personal care applications can be attributed to the growing use of personal care products across the globe. The personal care industry is expected to witness robust growth especially in Asia Pacific countries. Increasing disposable income in this region and growing exposure towards personal care products is expected to boost the demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) used in personal care products. Diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is used as tall oil amides in water based metalworking fluids. Diisopropanolamine (DIPA) offers some amount of corrosion protection, foam suppression, improved lubricity, and it also aids in reducing friction in cutting, buffing and cleaning fluids. Diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is also extensively used in oil and gas industry for acid gas removal in generic sulfur removal applications. Growing industrial activities across the globe is expected to drive the demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) even further. Asia Pacific has been recently become the manufacturing hub of the entire world. Countries such as China and India have large manufacturing sector involved in the production of a wide variety of goods and products. The revival of economy from the recent recession is expected to further drive the demand for various good and products, which will further increase the demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) globally. Also, the increase in the demand for oil and gas will subsequently also increase the demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) used in oil and gas activities.

In terms of demand Asia Pacific was the largest consumer of diisopropanolamine (DIPA) followed by Europe North America and Rest of the World. In North America U.S was the largest market for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) followed by Mexico and Canada. This high demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) stems from the growing demand for personal care and oil and gas applications in this region. The demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is also projected to witness strong growth in European countries such as Germany, France, U.K, Italy etc. on account of growing manufacturing sector in these countries. The demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is also anticipated to witness strong growth in the Asia Pacific countries such as China, India, Indonesia etc. With growing industrial activities in these regions the demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is also expected to grow on similar lines. The economic conditions of Brazil, Russia and South Africa are on similar track and hence the demand for diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is also projected to be high in these countries.

Some of the major companies operating in the global diisopropanolamine (DIPA) market are Dow Chemicals, BASF SE, Alfa Aesar, Huntsman Corporation, and Nanjing HBL International Company Ltd. among others.

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