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Global Dietary Supplements Market to be Fuelled by Increasing Health Awareness

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Growing popularity of preventive healthcare, rising income levels, hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, economic development, and the ever-growing global population are some of the prominent factors that fuel the demand for dietary supplements. Much of the demand for dietary supplements also comes from the large section of the population suffering from chronic ailments.

Preventive healthcare involves adopting healthier lifestyles via supplementing daily food intake with dietary supplements. These dietary supplements encompass various types, such as calorie, minerals, vitamins, and protein supplements. Dietary supplements, when taken in the right quantities, ensure improved immunity and enhance the ability of the body to fight against infections. However, excessive consumption of dietary supplements can lead to adverse impacts such as accumulation of body fat.

On What Basis Can One Segment the Global Dietary Supplements Market?

Age, types, forms, and geography are the four main parameters based on which the global dietary supplements market is segmented. Age-wise, this market is categorized into adults, pregnant women, elderly persons, and infants. On the basis of type, the global dietary supplements market is segmented into enzymes, herbals, minerals, and amino acids.

Based on forms, this market is categorized into liquids, powders, capsules, gel capsules, and tablets. In 2014, the global dietary supplements market was primarily driven by widespread demand for vitamins. It is, however, anticipated that in the forthcoming years, high demand for proteins, omega fatty acids, and fish oil will fuel the global dietary supplements market. High demand for protein supplements can be attributed in part to the proliferation of gyms and health clubs that promote and encourage the consumption of such supplements for strength gain and muscle development.

North America: A Mature Market

From the regional perspective, the global dietary supplements market is classified into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and Rest of the World. The Asia Pacific dietary supplements market is anticipated to be a lucrative one in the years to come owing to higher income levels and better living standards.

North America holds the dominant position in the global dietary supplements market. However, at present it has reached a level of maturity, with more than 50% of the population consuming dietary supplements. Owing to gradually increasing production capacity, emerging economies such as India will witness a rapidly expanding dietary supplements market in the forthcoming years.

A growing cosmopolitan trend indicates that most consumers prefer consuming dietary supplements in place of natural foods to tackle any nutritional deficiencies they might be suffering from.

International Ventures to Propel the Global Dietary Supplements Market

Rising incidence of lifestyle diseases is also fuelling the global market for dietary supplements. Health stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and drug stores are some of the common distribution channels for the global dietary supplements market.

At present, the global dietary supplements market is characterized by business collaborations that lead to a larger customer base, smooth manufacturing, and, most importantly, uninterrupted supply of raw materials as per requirement. 5-Hour Energy is one such company operating in the global dietary supplements market, which is engaged in increasing its product portfolio on a large scale.

A new innovation center has been established by DuPont in Mexico, to identify the demands of the consumers there and subsequently supply the suitable products to the particular customer base.

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