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Demand for Multiparameter Patient Monitoring Surges with High Incidence of Chronic Diseases

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Drastic change in lifestyle choices among global population in the last few decades has significantly increased the prevalence of cardiovascular disorders. Due to factors such as high dependence on unhealthy food habits, physical inactivity, and other reasons growing incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, blood pressure etc is noted across the globe.

Rapid industrialization has intensified the problems related to global warming, pollution, and other environmental alterations, which has emerged as a crucial factor resulting in rise in the prevalence respiratory diseases around the world. Despite increasing efforts taken to promote health awareness by healthcare agencies and individuals, medical conditions worldwide are getting more serious and needs to be addressed immediately.

In order to tackle the rising incidence of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, strong medical monitoring system devices are introduced that measures patient’s vital signs, performs an accurate analysis of physiological data, and provides smart diagnosis in real-time. The system is designed to appropriately adapt to patient specific diagnostic needs and its functionality significantly reduces the chance of errors in diagnostics.

The patient monitoring system records and monitors a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram (ECG), and blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) is known multiparameter patient monitoring system.

Increasing hospitalization cases due to high prevalence of chronic diseases and growing aging population worldwide will significantly increase the demand for multiparameter patient monitoring devices. Some of the advantages which this innovative patient monitoring system offers are listed below:

· The device enables conversion of electrical signals into readable text which is displayed on the screen of the monitoring devices.

· The device makes it possible to continuously monitor the vital parameters of patients such as heart rate, electrocardiography (ECG), etc. during intrahospital transfer of patients for special examinations.

· Personalized multiparameter health recording devices analyzes physiological and environmental data, provides diagnostic evaluation and alert feedback either to the patient or to the healthcare expert in real time for early diagnosis of medical conditions.

· Alert raising capability of the device if the numeric visual of some parameters exceeds or fall the permissible levels facilitates staff assistance.

· Portable, battery-run mulitiparameter patient monitoring devices carried by patients enable ambulatory telemetry for the transfer of data.

· Networkable multiparameter patient monitoring devices transfer output to a central ICU observation station. This system enables a single staff member to get information from several bedside monitors at the same time, thereby helping the staff member to observe and keep a vigil on the condition of multiple patients from a single room.

· The use of multiparameter patient monitoring devices in medicine offers clinical and economic benefits to the healthcare sector

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In Europe, the market for multiparameter patient monitoring devices will continue to grow until 2020. Technological advances introduced will create increased opportunities for the market. However, lack of funds in hospitals across Europe is curbing the sale of multiparameter patient monitors. Increased mergers and acquisitions and other joint venture activities in the global multiparameter patient monitoring market will lead to customization and will enhance customer satisfaction by offering competitive pricing for products. Promotional campaigns and marketing activities focusing on product attributes will draw customer attention and increase their awareness pertaining to the product, which will expand the scope of operation for the market.