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High Demand for Automated Cleaning Technique to Propel Global Cleaning Robots Market

Article Description

Newer home cleaning techniques coupled with innovations in cleaning technology are the two main factors that drive the global cleaning robots market. Continuous technological developments and the need for mechanizing
tasks requiring human effort stimulate the demand for cleaning robots. The use of cleaning robots saves time and effort. Mopping, cleaning, and vacuuming
are some of the key functions performed by cleaning robots.

The global cleaning robots market is anticipated to reach a market value of US$1.8 billion by 2018 from US$676.4 million in 2011. Innovation in the global
cleaning robots market is brought about by continuous improvements in the area of product development. Ongoing market trends indicate that underperformance
of the manufacturing industry, coupled with the growth of futuristic industries, will contribute to the overall demand for affordable and compact cleaning

Educational, medical, service, and welfare functions are some of the functionalities that most cleaning robots are equipped with. The demand for cleaning
robots is on the rise owing to the convenience they offer in today’s hectic lifestyle.

Surging Demand for Vacuum Cleaners to Fuel Cleaning Robots Market

The following are the parameters based on which the degree of competition in the global cleaning robots market is ascertained: the overall cost of system
operation, the life of batteries, performance and efficiency, and cost. Maintenance cost also plays a vital role in determining the competition prevailing
in the global cleaning robots market. The products offered by the various companies in the cleaning robots market are judged on the basis of reliability,
brand, ease of use, reputation, quality, customer support, and most importantly their compatibility with existing equipment.

Much of the demand for cleaning robots comes from the household segment, fuelled by competitive prices and innovation. Growing global geriatric population
and a substantial rise in the population of working women further adds to the surging demand for cleaning robots.

Within the product segments, vacuum cleaners hold the largest share of the overall market. Furthermore, the segment for vacuum cleaners is expected to
expand robustly in the forecasting horizon.

Novelty: A Key Determinant of Market Success

Geographically, the global cleaning robots market is segmented into Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Rest of the World. The segment for robotic
vacuums holds a 15% market penetration rate in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is, however, anticipated that this figure will increase in the
forthcoming years owing to greater awareness amongst the masses about enhanced cleaning technologies. At present, the cleaning robots market is witnessing
high demand for robotic vacuums because apart from creating a dust-free environment, they also ensure allergen-free surroundings.

The key market participants in the cleaning robots market are Philips, Toshiba, iRobot, LG, Ecovacs, Yujin, and Samsung. Most companies in the global
cleaning robots market rely on the principle of novelty that enables them to thrive and acquire a fair share in the overall market. An
area that most companies and especially new market entrants need to focus on is developing cleaning robots that are lightweight and make use of smaller

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