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Feminine Hygiene Products Market in Asia Pacific Benefits from Changing Lifestyle, Increasing Purchasing Power

Article Description

Feminine hygiene products market are utilized for maintaining personal hygiene at the time of menstruation, to clean menstrual discharge, to clean internal body parts, and to remove unwanted hair on the skin. Internal cleaners and sprays, sanitary pads, disposable razors and blades, tampons, and panty liners and shields are the major feminine hygiene products.

What is Driving Utilization of Feminine Hygiene Products in Asia Pacific?

The feminine hygiene products in Asia Pacific will witness significant growth in the foreseeable years. Economic development, which has been the foremost reason for changing lifestyles and higher purchasing power has led to the utilization of personal hygiene products, of which feminine hygiene products are essential constituents.

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Rising awareness of the health benefits of sanitation and urbanization are some other factors driving this market. In addition, availability of a new range of sanitary products that are ultra-thin, offer super absorbency, and special side leakage protection are favoring growth of the feminine hygiene products market in Asia Pacific.

Other than this, changing preferences of consumers, a fast-paced life, increasing preference for easy-to-use sanitary products, and consciousness about good health is aiding the utilization of feminine hygiene products in Asia Pacific. To keep up with changing trends in the region, product manufacturers are making large investments in advertising campaigns to attract women to buy these products. Product development for added absorbency, ultra-thin napkin size, and special leakage protection are also the focal point of manufacturers for the new-age consumers.

With women playing a dynamic role in the society at workplaces and homes, sanitary protection products that are suitable for these needs are sought. The Asia Pacific market for feminine hygiene products will be valued at US$20.41 bn by 2020 increasing from US$12.73 bn in 2014, at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2014 to 2020.

Preference for Premium Products Drive China Feminine Hygiene Products Market

Country-wise, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea are the segments of the feminine hygiene products market in Asia Pacific.

China is the leading market for feminine hygiene products in the region, followed by Japan. Higher level of education among women, which is a reason for the high levels of awareness about the utilization of newer personal hygiene products benefits the market’s growth in China. Women in the country have a fancy for premium sanitary products such as tampons and shields and panty liners.

In Japan, a high level of consciousness for a healthy life is the primary reason for the utilization of premium quality feminine hygiene products. Over the past decade, women in Japan have shown active participation in society, for which superior hygiene products are needed for a clean feel during the menstruation period and otherwise.

Rural Consumer Outreach Programs to Benefit India Feminine Hygiene Products Market

Presently, India is a relatively smaller market for products of feminine hygiene. However, it is expected to witness substantial growth during the forthcoming years. Increasing education level, especially in rural areas, because of which a large number of women are switching to convenient sanitary napkins in place of traditional home measures is driving the market. Product manufacturers are reaching out to the consumer base in rural areas through schools, women welfare associations, and by distributing free samples to increase awareness about various products. The government’s effort through the program, ‘ASHA’, involves the free distribution of sanitary napkins in secondary schools in rural areas.

In urban areas, the increasing number of women in the workforce is also supporting the utilization of feminine hygiene products for comfort and protection against soiling. This will increase India’s share in the Asia Pacific feminine hygiene products market.