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Asia Pacific Driving Global Antioxidants Market

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While oxygen is vital for human life, it can be surprisingly destructive in many walks of life. Oxidation is an adverse effect of the prevalence of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere and is a major problem for many industries. Antioxidants are chemicals that can be used to block or at least delay the occurrence of oxidation, extending the shelf life of products that could be damaged by the process.

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Here are the answers to a few crucial questions about the role of antioxidants in human life and the potential growth of the antioxidants market in the next few years.

Q. Why is oxidation harmful?

Oxidation occurs when substances react with oxygen. This changes the very nature of the substance due to the chemical reaction. This in itself is an undesirable phenomenon, since the utility of the substance depends directly on its chemical composition. This is particularly true in products containing fats, since fat rancidity is a result of the oxidation of fats with oxygen.

Q. How do antioxidants stop this?

Antioxidants prevent oxidation of other substances by getting oxidized themselves. For this to occur, they have to be more reactive than the substances that need to be protected. For their practical usage, they also need to be harmless to humans.

Q. Are antioxidants only useful in protecting dietary fats?

On the contrary, one of the major applications of the global antioxidants market is the skincare industry, particularly in anti-aging medication. The youthful look of skin is a result of the presence of a healthy amount of fats (such as collagen) in the skin. With age, the fat content in skin starts to reduce naturally, leading to wrinkles. Antioxidants used in skincare medication prevent this by protecting the fat present in the skin and prolonging their action.

The demand for antioxidant-containing skincare medication is increasing due to the increasing amount of pollution. Certain toxic substances hasten the disintegration of collagen, which can be prevented by the usage of antioxidants.

Q. In which geographical region is the demand for antioxidants the strongest?

The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing regional market for antioxidants. This is due to growing awareness about their benefits and increasing availability. The growing urbanization in Asia Pacific countries such as India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and Japan is also increasing the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere, leading to an increased demand for antioxidants. Urbanization is also responsible for a growing demand for food products with a longer shelf life, which is one of the two prime applications for the antioxidants market.

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Q. Where is the smart money in the antioxidants market?

Till 2020, synthetic antioxidants are expected to dominate the market, since they are cheaper to produce. However, a growing preference for natural antioxidants is slowly eroding the market share of synthetic antioxidants. Natural antioxidants are currently more expensive than synthetic ones, but parity will eventually be established thanks to the growing demand for bio-based products.