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Rising Health Awareness to Propel Global Antioxidants Market

Article Description

The demand for antioxidants is driven by widespread application of the same across several industry verticals. This market derives demand from almost every
country in the world, be it developed or developing. In the food and beverage industry, antioxidants are used to extend the shelf life of edibles by
protecting them from the harmful effects of oxidation. The effect of oxidation on food leads to changes in color and fat rancidity. “Shelf-life extenders”
is the other term that rightly defines antioxidants used for food preservation.

Apart from being used in food products, antioxidants are also used as animal feed additives and cosmetics. The growing popularity of antioxidants can also
be attributed to the multiple health benefits they offer, such as anti-aging, cholesterol control, and cancer prevention. Currently, growing awareness
about naturally sourced antioxidants is gaining momentum, the expected demand for which will greatly benefit the global antioxidants market in the years to come.

From Food to Cosmetics: The Widening Application Scope of Antioxidants

Within the product segmentation, natural and synthetic antioxidants are the only two types that dominate the global antioxidants market. Surging global
consumption of meat is anticipated to drive the global antioxidants market in the forthcoming years. With regard to meat consumption, the segment for pork
meat has been expanding substantially over the past couple of years. Application of antioxidants in cosmetics is mainly fuelled by high demand for
anti-aging products, the demand for which is in turn driven by the harmful effects of pollution on skin texture.

Antioxidants slow down the process of aging by dampening the effects of free radicals in the skin. They protect cell membranes and prevent the process of
oxidation by suppressing the effects of free radicals.

The packaging and healthcare industries are some other major end users of the global antioxidants market.

High Demand for Natural Products: A Key Market Trend

From the geographical perspective, the global antioxidants market is categorized into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World, with Asia
Pacific being a rapidly expanding market for antioxidants. Factors such as heightened health awareness and a huge population base in China and India propel
the Asia Pacific antioxidants market. Surging demand for dietary supplements is another key factor that drives the antioxidants market in this region.

Owing to the high prices of natural antioxidants, shift in consumption from synthetic antioxidants to natural antioxidants is yet to catch up. Greater
awareness amongst the masses about green and organic products is also anticipated to fuel the growth of the global antioxidants market in the forthcoming
years. Surging demand for bio-based nutritional products and cosmetics propels the North America antioxidants market.

The Europe antioxidants market is propelled by the rising demand for functional beverages in countries such as Germany, Italy, and the U.K. Some of the
emerging end users in the global antioxidants market are the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. A glaring restraint on the global antioxidants
market is the increasing price of raw materials.

Some of the prominent companies in the antioxidants market are Cargill, Kalsec, Nutreco N.V., DuPont, and Kemin Industries.

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