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Aluminum Hydroxide Market – Global Industry Expert Opinions Analysis, Emerging Opportunities, Market Size, Share, Growth Drivers, Market Trends, Statistics And Forecast 2015 – 2020

Report Description

The hydrate of alumina or alumina trihydrate is called as aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is one of the popular aluminum ores used in the production of aluminum oxide which is later used in the manufacturing of aluminum metal. Other uses of aluminum hydroxide include its use as fire retardant and pharmaceutical compounds. Aluminum hydroxide is as used as a major feedstock material for manufacturing of other aluminum compounds such as aluminum sulfate, specialty calcined alumina, aluminum chloride, polyaluminum chloride, sodium aluminate, zeolites, aluminum nitrate etc.

With the growing use of aluminum in our day to day lives, the demand for aluminum hydroxide is expected to grow in parallel with the demand for aluminum in the global market. Aluminum hydroxide is also used as a fire retardant similar to magnesium hydroxide for polymer applications. Aluminum hydroxide decomposes at around 1800C and absorbs a considerable amount of heat energy during this process to emit water vapor. These properties make aluminum hydroxide one of the popular flame retardants for polymer applications. Also, aluminum hydroxide is effective as a smoke suppressant in a wide range of polymers such as, polyesters, ethylene vinyl acetate, acrylics, epoxies, rubber and PVC. In pharmaceutical applications aluminum hydroxide is used as an antacid which is sold under various brand names. Aluminum hydroxide helps to reduce acidity which further alleviates the symptoms of heartburn, dyspepsia or ulcers. Aluminum hydroxide is one of the largest consumed flame retardants across the globe. Flame retardants address the needs of safety, durability and insulation in most applications. The demand for aluminum hydroxide for flame retardants applications is expected to be high in North America and Europe. The North American market is characterized by strict safety regulations and is expected to be the major consumer market for flame retardants and subsequently aluminum hydroxide. Various regulators such as CEPA in Canada, EPA in U.S and WEEE and REACH in Europe, lay down various legislations for safety of environment and consumers by regulating the policies pertaining to flame retardants. With growing use of olefins, epoxy resins, UPE etc. the demand for flame retardants is also expected to grow in the next few years. Flame retardants also fin applications in construction industry and with growing construction activities across the globe, the demand for flame retardants from this end user industry is also anticipated to be high in the near future.

In terms of demand Asia Pacific was the largest consumer of aluminum hydroxide followed by Europe, North America and Rest of the World. In North America U.S was the largest market for aluminum hydroxide followed by Mexico and Canada. This high demand for aluminum hydroxide stems from the growing demand for flame retardants from various applications in this region. The demand for aluminum hydroxide is also projected to witness strong growth in European countries such as Germany, France, U.K, Italy etc. on account of strict regulations implied by REACH and WEEE. The demand for aluminum hydroxide is also anticipated to witness strong growth in the Asia Pacific countries such as China, India, Indonesia etc. With growing industrial and construction activities in these regions the demand for aluminum hydroxide is also expected to grow on similar lines. The economic conditions of Brazil, Russia and South Africa are on similar track and hence the demand for aluminum hydroxide is also projected to be high in these countries.

Some of the major companies operating in the global aluminum hydroxide market are Nabaltec, Huber, Almatis, Showa Denko and Sumitomo among others.

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